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Sencia Track is a robust Data Management System developed in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. It allows you to keep track of vital information while seamlessly integrating it with your website to provide a dynamic experience.

Sencia Track is an extremely versatile tool that provides a customizable base framework for your data entries, greatly reducing cost and development time. Sencia Track can be customized to manage data for anything from collecting and delivering up-to-date information on a product catalogue to providing property management for realtors.

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Keeping Track of Your Data


Scalable to organizations of any size & grows with you

Track the data you need; properties, cars, clients, etc.

Each setup of Sencia Track is custom tailored to your needs

Keep detailed records of all data entries

Access your data anywhere with Internet connection

No software to install, access from any web browser

Quickly generate printer- friendly reports

Seamlessly deliver information to SIMS or Informetica